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How Safe Is Samui? - July 2018 Update Including Koh Phangan

So how safe is Koh Samui? There's been plenty of confusion and panic. Is it OK to swim? How many of these 'killer jellyfish' are there? Where are they? What do they look like? How big is the risk? What do I do if I get stung?

The local authorities, if this is accurate, report of 12 box jellyfish stings around Koh Samui up to October, 2015 including the death of a 20-year old German woman. These stings have occurred at Chaweng, Lamai, Mae Nam, Lipa Noi and on Ang Thong island. Nearby Koh Phangan also reports stings including two fatalities in the past 12 months. 

While there is of course a problem and ignoring signs is plain stupid, there is no need to panic. Be vigilant, ask questions, use common sense, take precautions and heed the warning signs (unlike the couple in the photo below putting themselves at serious risk the day after a death at this beach - if it had been a shark attack fatality and the sign said 'Killer Shark. Very Dangerous' they'd be having that…

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