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Weird, Wonderful and Wobbly Box Jellyfish Facts

"These are fantastic creatures with 24 eyes, four parallel brains and 60 arseholes," decreed Swede vision expert Dan Nilsson from the University of Lund who tells his Box Jellyfish facts as he sees them.

Here, inspired by Dan, are some weird and wonderful Box Jellyfish bits and pieces revealed from top to, er, bottom that could well send you cross-eyed.

Now, arseholes. What Dan lacked in tact was more than made up for with fact, or was it? The Box Jellyfish has a bell or box shaped "head" (medusae) with 15 tentacles attached (via hand-like pedalia) to each of the 4 corners. With reports of 4 anuses (ani?) located at the end of every tentacle, do the maths. I've also heard 64 but who's counting??

Each gooey, vermicelli-like tentacle can extend to around 3m/10ft and is covered in millions and millions of nematocysts or stinging cells - 800,000 per sq. cm. These nematocysts are like microscopic harpoons or hypodermic needles that upon contact respond to a che…

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