Jellyfish Lotion - Does It Work?

Safe Sea lotion advertises "stops stings from jellyfish" can we assume that includes lethal box jellyfish? No!

This lotion may well protect against certain jellyfish as claimed BUT it's not proven to protect against the killer box jellyfish species.

Safe Sea Website:

Chironex and Irukandji are the two most dangerous box jellyfish as discussed on this blog. While the manufacturers Nidaria and Thailand/Malaysia distributers Oceanline do not say that their product protects against the world's most deadliest animal, they do not claim that it does not - yet they link their lotion to the killer species and speak in general terms about 'jellyfish'. An irresposnsible and potentially dangerous act AND as it has already been pointed out to them, an act that could catch up with them in the courts if a user of their product were to be badly stung.

A lot has previously been said about this and that detail is embedded in this post below so no point going through it all again now.

However, after ALL of that, Safe Sea is at it again!

Having pulled their online presence in 2009 after linking their product with the current local box jellyfish news and initial wave of uncertainty and fear using text, images and links to indicate their possible prevention; Oceanline line head honcho Steffen Kochan vowed at the time to ensure that testing would be conducted on Thailand's Chironex sp. jellyfish. Well, that has not been done and even more alarming is they're back. And this time, the focus is on children with Nidaria announcing the release in February 2011 of their 'New Kids Safe Sea' lotion in Thailand.

Further Reading:

Jump to the Oceanline website that has reappeared unchanged and note that they claim that there's "is the only product that was tested and proven to be effective against jellyfish." And that Safe Sea is about to inflict the same false and potentially dangerous sense of security to Malaysia and Indonesia, two other countries in the region with confirmed human fatalities from Chironex box jellyfish.

OceanLine website:

Nidaria has posted test results - have a look and see if you can find anything on Chironex or Irukandji .. you won't. There was testing on other species of box jellyfish, Chiropsalmus, though this is a lesser species not associated with killing people and as jellyfish marine scientists will atest, not all species are the same, not all stinging cells or nematocysts are the same, not all species of Chironex are the same (the Australian fleckeri species does look quite different to the Thai Chironex) - complete effacacy MUST be proven. It is simply not good enough to say that the product sort of works at around 70-80% for one type of jellyfish then assume it will protect 100% from a lethal untested species.


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