Keep Your Kids Safe In A Suit

Families with children taking a vacation to Thailand or other South-East Asian countries will most probably spend a good part of their holiday on a beautiful tropical beach. Please make sure that everyone takes proper precautions against jellyfish as there are many stinging species in the sea.
Box jellyfish are there also and the best way you can protect yourself and loved ones is by wearing a lycra suit that at least covers the torso, arms to the wrist and legs to the ankle. Remember that potentially lethal box jellyfish catch their food in sandy bottom, shallow water - exactly where kids love to play and exactly where parents think their children will be the safest.

Link To TAT (Thailand Tourism Authority) Website Jellyfish WarningCLICK HERE

This blogger has no association with lycra suit manufacturers or distributers and retailers and no interest in profiting from their sale. My only aim is to keep you and your family safe. If you are not prepared to wear a suit yourself at the very least please make sure your children have a suit and wear it when in the water at all times. The suit can be easily taken off when out of the water. It is very light and folds up easily taking little space in your luggage. It also provides 100% UV sun protection and dries very quickly.

Search online for lycra suits or stinger suits and invest in the safety of your family - as you would when securing them with a seat belt in the car or a helmet on a bike - and minimise the risk of turning your dream family holiday into a nightmare.

Also remember to have a cheap bottle of vinegar handy to immediately splash on a sting just in case it occurs - do not touch the tentacles or try and scrape them off until after vinegar is liberally splashed on for about 30 seconds.

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  1. Would you reckon, this suit is sufficient?

  2. This brand of suit is very popular. There is a retail outlet also on Koh Phangan. Alternative lycra suits without the mesh are more popular and commonly used.

    There was some criticism of 'Stinger Suits' some years ago but a company representative in Australia recently had this to say:

    "... (In 2005) laboratory based tests on the various suits found that (our) mesh size was greater than tentacle size of this species (Carukia barnesi - tiny Irukandji), however, Jamie Seymour tested the suit in natural environment on many species including the Carukia barnesi mentioned in this report and had no reported sting even in contact with the stinging jellyfish (please see the Stingersuit website if you would like to see video footage of the test). This suggests that the laboratory test does not replicate natural conditions when wearing the suit or contacting stinging jellyfish.

    We have not had any reported problems with the effectiveness of the suit in the total 13 years of suit distribution, including no complaints from customers of which there are many thousands from all parts of the world. Durability seems to be high as I know of customers who have worn theirs for 10 years with only slight stretching. We agree with the report that people should be cautious removing the suit in case there are any tentacles attached to the outside.

    We have concluded over the years that the suit works and is comfortable because of its breathability."

    According to the company they work. We do not recommend any particular brand but I commend you on choosing to wear a suit. Have fun!


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